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Available technologies for license

Examples of Guy’s and St Thomas’ technologies available for licence or partnering opportunities include:

Medical devices

Lithotripsy device

Our passive acoustic sensor, attached to lithotripsy devices, monitors kidney stone break-up in real time and is designed to reduce X-ray exposure for patients, improve targeting of shockwave therapy and provide speedier triage to surgery where needed. Patented and available for licence.

Cardioplegia drug solution

The hospital, famous for its invention of the ‘St Thomas’ Cardioplegia solution’, has created a new cardioplegia formulation designed to bring about asystole of the heart with improved recovery of heart tissue. For use in cardiac surgery/bypass. Patented and available for licence.

COPD monitoring system

Myotrace is a non-invasive device to assess the status of COPD patients, to identify most at-risk patients and those who may otherwise need early readmission. Patented and in development with a commercial partner.

Physiotherapy device

This device enables the assessment and treatment of patients with balance disorders, often triggered by inner dysfunction and causing dizziness, vertigo and imbalance in patients. Under development and available for licence.


Pharmacogenomic and metabolic markers

Biomarkers that are able to detect drug response, including adverse side effects to Capecitabine (oral chemotherapy) and Azathioprine (immunosuppressants).

Pregnancy dating test

A pregnancy dating test for beyond five weeks gestation. Patented and in development with a commercial partner.

Assistive technology

Assistive product for caesarean delivery

A device for assisting with a specific complication during emergency caesarean. In development with a commercial partner.

Play time

To assist the assessment and rehabilitation of young children with shoulder weaknesses.

Tri-grip and Prep Guide

To aid the food preparation process for young people with hand weaknesses.

The Key Hub

To remove the stigma often associated with disability aids through the design of an inclusive key device to help the user in unlocking doors.


Cardio Z

This assists paediatric cardiologists to determine the ‘normality or abnormality’ of measurements made by ultrasound machines. In development and available for licence. 


Please contact us to find out more about these licensing and partnering opportunities.